Starting Fresh – AGAIN

Sorry…I notice coming back here that the last time I wrote anything in this blog was a year and a half ago, when I was working outside my home.  I have since quit that job and am doing it my way again.

I came back here because I have some troubles, and nowhere to go with them, so I wanted to just bring them to this anonymous blog where nobody would ever see it (at least until the day I decide to make friends and/or family members aware of it).  I was diagnosed last April with endometriosis and uterine fibroids.  I found out because after having excruciatingly painful period after excruciatingly painful period, I knew I’d better get it checked out to find out what was wrong with me.  Maybe I waited too long in an effort to be stoic about it (combined with the fact that we just didn’t have the money, and I had no idea where to find an English speaking OB/GYN), but that’s where it is presently.

I was given a birth control pill and a prescription for some stronger pain killers.  The last 6 months have been…a little better on the pain front, I guess, but not much.  This morning, I have to now go in for a routine blood test and ultrasound, and I’m not at all looking forward to that…I hate these kinds of exams, and the fact that the blood test is required to screen for ovarian cancer doesn’t thrill me, either.  In fact, it has me very afraid.  I don’t know what will come of it, but you know….Things have finally started looking peaceful and happy in my life.  I feel safe for once.  I feel secure, and I really appreciate the situation I am currently in.  For something like cancer to suddenly turn up would really be telling me that somebody up there hates me, in my opinion.  I’m tired of the bullshit “whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” crap.  I’ve already gone through the things trying to kill me throughout my life, and have finally only within the last few years or so found some peace for the first time in my life since I became aware that life can turn to shit pretty quickly at random (was it from about 7 years old?).

So yeah….and now it’s 8:33am, so I’d better get out of here and go to the dreaded doctor’s appointment….I really have to pray that everything will be ok.  I’m alone in this, as well.  My husband loves me, but he’s rarely home, so I only have myself to talk to about the problem.  I just hope that the worst is not to come, and that the test comes out normal.

I’ll try to post more later.  Bye.

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Starting Fresh

Well then…I’m pretty new to WordPress, so things might be a bit slow to start here.  Hopefully during the weekend I’ll have the chance to pretty it up a bit.  We’ll see.

This blog is going to be about my experience as a Western, non-college degree-holding working person (not a teacher or anything related to teaching English or foreign exchange) in Japan.  I thought it might be a valuable thing to create, since most of those who would follow the embittered comments made by jerks on Japan gossip websites and forums make it sound like you can’t do anything BUT teach if you have anything less than a Masters.  HA.

It is indeed possible to find work in this country if you don’t have a piece of paper from a school that apparently serves as indisputable proof that you’re smart.  I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it can happen, and it doesn’t have to have a damn thing to do with teaching English.

Teaching English, unless you’re doing it for a serious, college or business level language school where serious adults attend to actually learn to use the language in every day business situations,  is the bottom rung of anything an English speaker can be doing in Japan.  It’s scraping the bottom of the barrel in the worst way.  Of course, that’s my opinion after having tried it myself and realizing I really hate other people’s kids.  There are those who come to Japan and are ok with teaching because they have other goals, would like the life experience and it’s an easy ticket to Japan for a year or so, or they’re just in love with teaching kids.  Noble though one’s reasons may be, it’s still the worst kind of job an English speaker can have, thanks to the exploitation and the fact that learning English is little more than a novelty here, for the most part.  Because it’s a novelty, people want to be able to relax while doing it, so you are expected to behave like a trained monkey to earn your pay.  Teachers are generally treated like crap and aren’t paid well anyway, especially with the collapse of two of the major English mills in recent years.  It’s just a bad business to be a part of.

So, how do you escape it if you’re not a professional (or even if you are, but you’re “too old” to get a job in your field in an all Japanese company)?…A lot of it for me had to do with simply BEING HERE.  I was here, doing my thing on my own for 2 years.  I worked here and there, trying different things out, until a really great job came along.  I applied and got it.  Had I not had the leisure time hanging around here and able to browse around for something that might make a good fit, I probably would never have found this job or anything like it.  Just remember – TWO YEARS before I found it.  It obviously wasn’t easy.  But now I’m in it, I’m happy, and I can tell you about it, so that if you’ve succumbed to the brainwashing of the snobs who want to make you feel like you can’t possibly win here without a degree (oh, and perfect fluency in the Japanese language, of course!), you can read one person’s story who beat the odds and isn’t even teaching English or cleaning toilets (whichever’s worse – your call) for a living.  🙂  Stay tuned for more!

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